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H-Gear is our house brand. it consist in a good quality products at really competitive price.
We are improving existing products and innovate with new ones. The featured H-Gear
product of the moment is the fighting punch G024 just followed by it's little brother
the K024 foot protector. Don't miss in few months the new Shin-instep, stay tuned !

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Kicking paddle
 Kyokushin gloves
H-Gear flash skiping rope
  • CAD $10.25 /PCS
Kick Kpf4
Gloves GPF4
Shin and instep
  • CAD $42.15 /PCS
Canvas bo case
Carbon-flex bo
Square target
  • CAD $45.25 /PCS
Karate gloves
Skiping rope
  • CAD $15.35 /PCS
Chest protector
Kicks protector
H-Gear HPF4 headguard
Taewondo glove
Skipping Rope
  • CAD $1.99 /PCS
Forearm training pad
  • CAD $71.95 /PCS
Cobra economic gloves
Shins protectors
Taekwondo kick